Integrated High Quality IGBT Gate Drivers

전력 변환 시스템에 사용되는 IGBT 드라이버는 산업용 모터 드라이브,
태양광 및 풍력, 에너지 저장 시스템 그리고 전기 자동차 및 고전압 DC 전송과
같은 고전압 어플리케이션의 효율성, 신뢰성을 향상시킵니다.

500kW Energy storage converter

300A/450A/600A, 1200V, 2 level (Econodual)

1500V PV inverter

1400A, 1200V, 3 level,
NPC (PrimePACK 3+, FF1400R12IP4)

1800A, 1200V, 3 level,
NPC (PrimePACK 3++, FF1800R12IE5)

Driver Core

- 2FSC300C17+
- 2FSC0435+ = SCALE-2 Driver Cores. SCALE-2 Driver CoresSCALE-2
Driver Cores SCALE-2 Driver Cores
- Key Advantages :

All with EMC improved technology, Blocking Voltage up to 1700V,
Very short delay time of <100ns, Small jitter of ±3ns, Gate current ±35A,
2 x 4W output power +15V (regulated)/-10V gate driving, Interface for 3.3V...
15V logic level 2-level and multilevel topologies, Isolated DC/DC converter,
UL Recognized Component

IHM series

- Infineon : FZ1500R33HE3, FZ2400R17HP4, FZ3600R17KE3
- ABB : 5SNA1500E330305
- Key Advantages :

More comprehensive protection, better EMC characteristics.
Multi-level turn off / reduction of turn-off peak voltage > 10%
Fault communication, Big data Mange the on-site converters.

PM series

- Infineon : FF650R17IE4, FF100R17IE4, FF1400R17IP4, FF140R12IP4
- Key Advantages :

NTC temperature monitoring, improves system reliability.
+15V/+24V Compatible.
NTC over-temperature protection/sensing inside, UVLO

ED series

- Infineon, Semikron, Vincotech E3 IGBT.


- Key Advantages :

VCE Short circuit protection, Soft shutdown, UVLO
Plug & play, IGBT short-circuit protection, Advanced Active Clamping

3-Level series

- Danfoss : DP900N1200TU104204
- Fuji: 4MBI900VB-120R1-50
- Vincotech : 70-W212NMA600SC-M200P

VT0438-22T_Vincotech 1200V 600A IGBT Driver.

- Key Advantages :

High performance-price ratio, High reliability.
Large gate peak current, low switching loss, high efficiency
Soft shut down SC protection.